Play “Giddy Up” Golf!

We continue to encourage all of our guests to come out and enjoy some kick back, fun and casual golf experience at the Cochrane Golf Club. That said, we want ALL of our guests, of all levels of ability to have the same experience. “Pace or Speed of Play” is a huge part of this experience and a must to understand.

This is why, in 2023, we are introducing “Giddy Up” Golf which will enable all of our guests to play our course in 2 hours or less. This does not mean you have to run around the golf course during your round, but just be educated in how to play the game of golf efficiently.

Here are some helpful tips to “Giddy Up”

  • Select the appropriate tee box to best accommodate your level of skill.
  • Be ready to play when it is your turn.
  • Play “ready golf”. Abandon the honour system or “whose away” when you can do so safely.
  • Limit yourself to one practice swing. Rehearse your swing while others in your group are hitting their shot.
  • No Mulligans.
  • Pick up after 10 shots on any given hole.
  • Adapt the continuous putting principle on the greens, and limit marking your golf ball on the greens.
  • 3 minute maximum ball search.
  • Consider playing best ball in your group in order to keep pace.
  • There are only a few sand trap rakes on the golf course. Smooth out foot prints the best you can when exiting the trap.
  • Play preferred lies in all traps- no penalty.
  • When the golf course is less than busy, wave faster groups to play through.
  • Keep pace with the group in front of you. Don’t just stay ahead of the group behind you.
  • When approaching the green, set your golf clubs down where you would be exiting the green heading towards the next tee box.
  • Write your scores down on the next tee box.
  • When riding carts, Take 2 or 3 clubs and a spare ball with you when going to where your ball lies in order to eliminate the back and forth for club selection.
  • If you are falling behind on the hole, pick up your ball and advance further down the fairway to help speed up your play.

Please remember that you have only paid for your 2 hour time-frame on the golf course, not the entire day. Players behind you have things to do after their round as well.

Please respect our course Players Assistants. Their presence is necessary to monitor pace of play and ensure all of our guests enjoy their round of golf.