Rain Check Policy

Mother Nature has her way as we all know. She can be wonderful but she can also be downright mean. She can also be threatening. Whatever mood we find her in, we have you covered. When deciding whether to go golfing or not, we can help take the guessing away with our Rain check policy:

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  • There will be no rain checks given if you elect to tee off in pre-existing or imminent weather conditions.
  • Light sprinkles or brief showers do not qualify for rain checks. The golf shop will have full discretion of the determination of conditions. (ex. heavy rain, thunder and lightning)
  • If there is a rain event, we ask all golfers to mark their position on the golf course and seek immediate safety at the clubhouse or in your vehicle.
  • In case of lightning, you will hear a horn to indicate immediate stoppage of play. After a brief weather delay, the golfers will return to their position on the golf course and resume play when determined safe to do so by the golf shop staff.
  • If the delay is substantial, rain checks will be issued.
  • A credit voucher will be issued for any holes not played that can be used as credit towards your green fee on your next visit to the Cochrane Golf Club.

Credit vouchers will expire after 120 days or the end of the current golf season. Whichever comes first.